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Conservatory blinds

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    • Often conservatories can be left underused due to the temperature extremes of the hot summer months and cold winter snaps - or simply the lack of privacy caused by the large expanse of glass.

      The majority of heat build up and glare within a conservatory is generated through the roof. It is also where the most of heat is lost from on colder days. Conservatory roof blinds are designed specifically to overcome the extreme temperatures they will be subjected to while fitted to conservatory roof applications. Performance fabrics will help to both protect and insulate your conservatory from everything the British Weather has to throw at it.

      Conservatory blinds are complicated, precision-engineered products. These blinds will have to withstand extremely high temperatures in the summer and then low temperatures in the winter, all the while being bombarded by the harsh effects of the sun's UV rays. The blinds will also need to compete against gravity while still being stylish, decorative, functional and long lasting.

      Taking the time to choose the right blind for your conservatory now will save you much effort, time and money later on. We offer a three tiered Pleated blind system that covers every requirement and price structure from the smallest lean-to swimming pool enclosure, from blinds that are to be permanently fixed to fully automated blinds that run up and down multiple times a day.

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