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  • Markilux Awnings for Summer

    • markilux is one of the largest German brand name in awnings and for more than a quarter of a century now they have been making sure that life on the balcony and the patio is made even more enjoyable. They are bringing two sets of skills to this task: on the one hand our technical understanding of design engineering, and on the other a highly developed knowledge of textiles.

    • Markilux Awnings from Westcountry Blinds
  • Dim Out Blinds

    • Dim-out blind “ blind giving a substantial reduction in light level but still allowing a certain amount to penetrate. It is near impossible to achieve 100% dim-out. We have a wide range of materials & fabrics to choose from to achieve dim-out for your home.

    • Dim-out from Westcountry Blinds
  • Crafted in Cornwall

    • Westcountry Blinds is a family run business in west Cornwall. It crafts a large majority of its customer orders on site. The team has over 25 years experience in creating innovative solutions to technical challenges come about by architectural masterpieces being designed and built in the region today.

    • West country Blinds, bespoke & crafted in Cornwall
  • Shutters

    • At Westcountry Blinds we offer bespoke window shutters are manufactured from some of the finest quality materials, crafted to the highest standards and designed to offer our customers the ultimate in style, choice and quality. Shutters have never been more popular than they are today and in terms of quality, affordability and versatility. Our shutters offer the ultimate light control, while also giving privacy, security and insulation. They are easy to maintain and clean and unlike curtains they don’t harbour dust particles that may cause allergies.

    • West country Blinds offering bespoke shutters for your home