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Electrical curtain systems

    • Electrically operated curtain tracks are ideal for very high curtains or curtains that are out of reach and essential for audio-visual and conference rooms. In homes they offer the ultimate in luxury, operation can be via switch, remote control or light sensor.

      Electric curtains provide us with the ultimate in convenience. Regardless of how your room is decorated or how your furniture is situated, opening and closing your curtains will be effortless with the electric curtains. They come in a variety of options, each designed for your convenience and individual needs.

      Convenience is what automation is all about and electric curtains offer you the best of both. With the constant emphasis on energy efficiency, you'll want to do your part by installing electric curtains in your home. You have your choice of a wall switch, timer & light sensor, remote control or the premier system with the timer, light sensor and remote control.

      Our manufacturing partners have more than 40 years experience with electrical curtain tracks. We offer solutions for single tracks and multiple tracks and integration into building management systems.

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