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    • The wallpaper craze of the '90s tapered off in the early part of this century but wallpaper is making a comeback as a popular and easy way to update your decor. We're definitely in the midst of a wallpaper revival.

      Wallpaper is like art for your wall. In one day you can transform a room and give it a totally new look and feel.

      Consumers have grown more confident about design and are willing to experiment, mixing styles and eras to create truly personalised interiors.

      With paint techniques, a similar project could take days or even weeks to complete. Wall coverings can also be a great alternative to paint during winter months, when you can't open doors and windows to let in fresh air. Wallpaper is also a great option if you're renting or like to change the look of your decor regularly because it's removable.

      Our Hayle showroom holds a vast range of wallpaper books from our brand partners

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